You do not need to become a member of Abundance College Inc to access any information or services offered by the organisation. However your membership will provide us with much needed ongoing support, and in return you will become part of the Abundance family.

Under our constitution Abundance College is only able to accept Individual Members – we are not able to accept organisations as members of Aspect.

You can apply for or renew your membership online by filling in the details below or you can download a membership application form and send it via post to:

Membership Services

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)

PO Box 361 Forestville NSW 2087

Fax to 02 8977 8399

Please direct any enquiries about membership to Aspect Fundraising on 1800 288 476 or email

Become a Member – click online application form here

Why should you join Play Australia?

Play Australia is the only membership organisation of its kind in Australia. It provides members a unique opportunity to access specific information in relation to playgrounds and play experiences for children, families and the community. See our Member Services page for further details. Play Australia members come from all different walks of life. Many are involved in the development of play grounds, equipment or just the love of play for children.

Members of Play Australia are:

  • Designers of playgrounds
  • Schools
  • Landscape Architects
  • Early childhood Centres
  • Artists and Horticulturalists
  • State Government Departments
  • Manufacturers of play equipment
  • Academics
  • Shade suppliers
  • Students
  • Suppliers of play equipment and undersurfacing
  • Individuals committed to the promotion of play
  • Like-minded organisations
  • Metropolitan and Rural Cuncils

All members support the Play Australia mission and values and agree to abide by The Constitution, rules and regulations.

Play Australia services to members include:

Prices as per December 2017

Membership of AEPMA is open to all companies and businesses involved in any aspect of pest management in Australia.

We offer a range of different membership types to suit you and your business.

Select “Join Now” below below to join AEPMA online. Alternatively, a Membership Application Form can be downloaded and returned to us.

Already a member? To renew your membership or access your account, log in and visit the Member Portal.


Become a Member – click online application form here

Fill out the online form and choose your membership category. Play Australia will confirm your membership and forward an invoice to you for payment.

Rights and responsibilities of members

  • All members must support the Play Australia mission and values and agree to abide by the constitution, rules and regulations of Play Australia.
  • Members can vote at the Annual General Meeting and/or special purpose meetings and can be elected to Play Australia’s Board or sub-committees. Group members are entitled to one vote per group.
  • The Board of Play Australia reserves the right to reject and or eject a member if conduct has been proven to be not in line with our mission and values or if illegal or unethical practices have been undertaken by a member.

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